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Advanced Training Course in MetaStock

When you’re ready to learn how to create your own formulas and test your own trading ideas, it’s time for you to attend the MetaStock Advanced course. In this course, we’ll show you:
  • How to write and plot your own custom formulas
  • How to test your formulas
  • How you can use the tools in the Enhanced System Tester to tell you what works and what doesn’t
  • How you can then take your custom formula and search the markets looking for your personal buy or sell conditions
  • How to use the Expert Advisor to customize your charts and alert you when a security triggers your custom formula

The Explorer

Advanced MetaStock users will learn to utilize this powerful tool most effectively in order to execute specific trading strategies. We will take an in-depth look at the many searching criteria available, and help you determine which are best for you. Introduction to MetaStock Formula Language Want to create your own trading system or custom indicator in MetaStock but don’t know where to begin? In this section, we’ll start at the beginning and take you through the basics one step at a time. We will then explore working with multiple conditions and how to handle them, as well as:
  • Making your indicators sensitive
  • Identifying a specific time period
  • The Cross function
  • Working with Variables

Expert Advisor

Ever wanted to see how to get buy and sell signals on your chart as they occur? Or maybe you’ve wanted to figure out how to use MetaStock to alert you if your signal is triggered. In this section, we’ll explain to you exactly how to:
  • Interpret and take advantage of the pre-existing experts
  • Create your own customized Expert system
  • Color-code your price bars
  • Create real time buy and sell signals on your chart
And a lot more!

The Enhanced System Tester

Learn how to fine-tune your testing strategies and back-test them in this in-depth class. We'll begin by selecting one security and one trading system, and explaining how to back-test. Then, we will test multiple systems on one security to find the best system for that security. Next, we will test multiple systems on multiple securities. We will also show you how to master the optimization process.
This course includes 12 hours training (split over two consecutive days) at our offices in Wollerau, on the Lake of Zürich from 09:00 until 12:00 and from 13:00 until 16:00. The price of CHF 1450.- includes lunch. Overnight accommodation can be arranged locally at an additional cost of CHF 150.- per night including breakfast.

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