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Candle Profit System

Candle Profit System
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Steve Bigalow's Candle Profit System 2.0

Exclusive to MetaStock, Steve Bigalow's Candle Profit System 2.0 is the only Add-on that lets you easily identify Steve Bigalow's unique candle patterns

Steve Bigalow’s Candle Profit System has been rated one of the best add-ons for any software by the readers of Stocks and Commodities magazine multiple times. It's one of our most popular and best-received add-ons.

Version 2.0 adds three of Steve’s favorite new multiple-day patterns as well as 15 of his single-day patterns. In addition, three new explorations have been added. These include two explorations designed to build a daily scan list and the new “Major Patterns” exploration, designed to scan for Steve’s favorite single day patterns.

Candle Profit System 2.0 includes the patterns that Steve uses in his everyday trading and that he’s been teaching for years in the classroom. Many of these are commonly formed, very easy to follow, and work in all time frames and on all instruments.

In total, this add-on will identify 36 of Steve’s most popular and loved patterns. It will identify them on the chart instantly, give clear descriptions of the patterns as soon as they form, and allow you to explore thousands of securities to find your favorite on the chart.

Explorations included in the Candle Profit System 2.0 add-on:

  • CPS - Doji Dynamite
    • Doji at Top
    • Doji Best Friend
    • Left Right Combo Bullish
    • Left Right Combo Bearish
    • Series of Doji Bullish
    • Series of Doji Bearish
    • Doji Sandwich (New)
    • Muffin Sandwich (New)
  • CPS - Major Patterns (New)
    • Doji (New)
    • Bullish Engulfing (New)
    • Bearish Engulfing (New)
    • Hammer (New)
    • Hanging Man (New)
    • Piercing Line (New)
    • Dark Cloud (New)
    • Bullish Harami (New)
    • Bearish Harami (New)
    • Morning Star (New)
    • Evening Star (New)
    • Shooting Star (New)
    • Inverted Hammer (New)
  • CPS - Price Patterns
    • Fry Pan Bottom
    • J-Hook
    • Fry Pan Bottom with J-Hook
    • Bearish Belt Hold
    • Bullish Belt Hold
    • Scoop
    • Dumpling
    • Top Cradle
    • Slow Curve
    • T-line Crunch
    • Bobble (New)
  • CPS - Power Signals
    • Bearish Kicker
    • Bearish Flutter Kick
    • Bullish Kicker
    • Bullish Flutter Kick
  • CPS - Universe (New) - This exploration is designed to create a watchlist of stocks based on Steve’s minimum requirements. This watchlist can then be scanned every day with your favorite scan.
  • CPS - Universe Oversold (New) - This exploration is designed to create a watchlist of stocks based on Steve’s minimum requirements but also includes an overbought requirement. This watchlist can then be scanned every day with your favorite scan.

Expert Advisors Included in the Candle Profit System:

  • CPS - Candle Profit System - highlights all patterns. The commentary system identifies all support and resistance patterns and give a clear view of all Steve’s patterns. In addition, it will give you detailed commentaries on all of Steve’s 36 patterns. This commentary will give you specific advice on how to trade any of the setups and patterns.

The following template are included in the add-on:

  • CPS-Bigalow Chart View.mwt - includes all the patterns and indicators that Steve uses in his daily trading.
  • CPS-Bigalow Chart View with Volume.mwt - The same as CPS-Bigalow Chart View, but adds volume and average volume.
  • CPS-Bigalow Chart View Futures.mwt - for trading Futures this template adds a 34 period EMA for additional support and resistance analysis.