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Dr. Elder's Trading

Dr. Elder's Trading
Current Price : $ 499

Join Dr. Alexander Elder in his trading room with this powerful update to his classic, best-selling MetaStock Add-on!

This add-on contains the indicators found in Dr. Alexander Elder's books, "Trading for a Living" and "Come into my Trading Room," which are not already found in the MetaStock. In addition, it includes two new unpublished indicators – the Market Thermometer and SafeZone stop.

Dr. Elder's Trading Room add-on has 20 unique indicators, 15 pre-built templates, 8 explorations, and 6 expert advisors to help you immediately start trading the way Dr. Elder recommends.

The Indicators

  • Elder - Auto Envelope
  • Elder - Bull Power
  • Elder - Bear Power (Elder-Ray)
  • Elder - Chandelier Long
  • Elder - Chandelier Short
  • Elder - Chandelier Long Entries
  • Elder - Chandelier Short Entries
  • Elder - Force Index
  • Elder - Force Index with ATR channels (NEW)
  • Elder - Impulse
  • Elder - Impulse Release
  • Elder - MACD-Histogram
  • Elder - MACD Combo
  • Elder - MACD Divergence Helper (NEW)
  • Elder - MACD - Histogram Xover
  • Elder - Market Thermometer
  • Elder - SafeZone Long
  • Elder - SafeZone Short
  • Elder - Smoothed Rate of Change
  • Elder - Zig Zag

Each Indicator comes with a complete description, how to use and interpret the indicator and formatting tips. Also included are the default parameters which list their values and include a brief description. You'll even get screen shots to help you visualize what your charts will look like.