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Top Dog Trading

Top Dog Trading
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Wave Counts have long been a standard in trading. Barry's Top Dog Trading Toolkit uses a simple and incredibly effective method to measure and count waves. This MetaStock add-on is designed to locate with pin-point accuracy 16 unique entry patterns depending on where you are in a cycle. New trends are great opportunities to trade in conjunction with the current trend. As such, more established trends are prone to reversals and are good opportunity for counter trend trading.

Based on popular demand, this updated version includes new indicators, explorations and wave counts for Dr. Burns Momentum waves.


Top Dog Trading Toolkit gives you pattern setups for all cycles of these trends. These include:

  • New Trends (opportunities in new trends that have great potential)
  • Momentum (trades that are accelerating into an established trend)
  • Long Trends (trades that are looking for reversal opportunities in an exhausted trend)
  • Reversion to the mean (rubberband trades)
  • Triangle pattern trades (breakout opportunities within and established trade)


All patterns use Barry Burns' "5 Energy"method of trading. This incorporates 5 non-correlated areas for identifying a good trading opportunity. They include:

  1. Trend
  2. Momentum
  3. Cycles
  4. Support and Resistance
  5. Scale


With all the patterns Top Dog Trading Toolkit provides specific entries, exits, and target prices. You also receive a detailed explanation with documentation of all the patterns at exactly the point where you are making critical trading decision

Of course, with the MetaStock Explorer you have the ability to scan the market to find your trading opportunities based on Top Dog Trading criteria.