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Rich Trades

Rich Trades
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Target Rich Trader takes into account support and resistance, as well as Anne-Marie Baiynd’s proprietary blend of indicators designed for one thing – to give you crystal clear entries and exits on a chart.

Using Ann-Marie’s proprietary blend of indicators, Target Rich Trades will automatically show you:

  • Short term Bullish and Bearishness of the stocks.
  • Support and Resistance areas forming in the stock
  • Specific entry and exit signals.

In addition, Target Rich Trades takes full advantage of the MetaStock Expert Advisor. It gives you specific and detailed instructions about the instrument you are analyzing. These include:

  • Current Trend
  • Last Support and Resistance levels
  • Any current buy/sell recommendations
  • Detailed instructions for any buy/sell areas
  • Current up to date Stop values
  • A checklist for your trade preparation.

Anne Marie’s Target Rich Trades also utilizes the MetaStock Explorer to scan through thousands of instruments to show you only the ones that currently meet Anne Marie’s buy and sell criteria. This allows you to focus on only the stocks that have an opportunity now (and ignore the ones that don’t).

In addition, Anne Marie’s Target Rich Trades works with the MetaStock Systems Tester so you can easily identify:

  • Instruments that have historically performed best with Anne-Marie’s method
  • Risk/reward for any particular instrument
  • Visualize the equity return
  • Wins/losses using this system on any instrument

Anne Marie’s add-on includes the full complement of MetaStock Tools. It includes a template, Expert Advisor, Exploration, and a system test.