Selected Exploration

Date of last event

Sometimes it is useful to know on what date a technical event took place.This exploration will show the most recent date that an event took place. In this example we have chosen to show the most recent highest high over the past 250 days. Other events could be: Cross(Mov(C,50,S),Mov(C,200,S)) {Golden Cross} Cross(Mov(C,200,S),Mov(C,50,S)){Death Cross} Cross(RSI(14),30){RSI rising above 30%} Cross(70,RSI(14)){RSI falling below 79%}

Exploration Code

(copy and paste into the Metastock Exploration Builder):
Column A: C
Column B: HHV(H,250) {highest high of the last 250,days}
Column C: event:=H>=HHV(H,250); ValueWhen(1,event,DayOfMonth());{The day of the month when the event most recently took place}
Column D: event:=H>=HHV(H,250); ValueWhen(1,event,Month());{The month when the event most recently took place.}
Column E: event:=H>=HHV(H,250); ValueWhen(1,event,Year());{The year in which the event most recently took place,}
Column F: